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Shelly is a graduate of Levels 1-3 of Debra Silverman Applied Astrology, studying with Debra Silverman herself.  Each custom reading utilizes Debra's unique therapeutic approach, combining Esoteric (soul-centered) Astrology with Psychology as a magical healing combination.


In addition to being an Astrologer, Shelly is a NYS permanently-certified School Psychologist and certified K-6 teacher with 30+ years of experience in public education.  She is a member of the Monroe County task force on Trauma, Illness, and Grief, which is a team whose members provide crisis counseling and support to area schools when a tragedy occurs.  Shelly also served on the ROC Restorative Team in the Rochester City School District and coached faculty and students in Restorative Practices. 


Shelly is currently the High Priestess of Daughters of Gaia Naos, a Wiccan Coven for self-identified women.  In addition to having been officially ordained as clergy in New York State, Shelly is also an ordained clergy member of the Universal Life Church, from whom she has received Honorary Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Metaphysics Degrees. 

Shelly has earned her First Degree with the Coven of Sangha-Shō, Inc. and is completing her Second Degree with the Correllian Nativist Tradition.  She has earned the title of Correllian Shaman based on Cherokee practice and approved by a Cherokee Shaman to be taught to members of the Correllian Nativist Church.  


Shelly has received the White Tara Empowerment through lineage to Buddha, as well as Third Degree Reiki and Reiki Mastership through a hybrid lineage.  She is certified by the University of Massachusetts Medical School to teach workshops and courses in Mindfulness, and is working toward certification in Aromatherapy, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Crystal Healing, and Feeding Your Demons, a Buddhist approach to emotional wellness.  Shelly is also currently studying with Colette Baron-Reid in Oracle School.


Shelly owns and operates “The Temperamental Goddess”, a small metaphysical gift shop in a large retail cooperative in Rochester.  She has also taught courses such as Practical Astrology, Introductory Mindfulness, and Wicca 101.


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